"Something local" is a Norwegian term for "Moonshine", signifying another dimension to the name of HIMKOK. Producing 80% of the spirits used in house, our main focus is to source local ingredients and botanicals. The usage of local producers gives us inspiration for new and old products, allowing us to explore different aspects of Norwegian culture and showcasing true Norwegian flavours. This opens up for a flexible communication platform, elevating HIMKOK's uniqueness as a bar and distillery. As a result we have grown in our ability to distill our own spirits, brew our own beer and ferment our own wine, mead and kefir. 

Storgata 27 is where the past and present coexist. We are inspired by its historical structure, maintaining a continuity with the bar and its identity. This timeless aesthetic concept is combined with a constantly evolving conceptual layer, portraying different indigenous customs and tastes.